We offer a wide range of hydrotechnical services throughout the country


Our main service is the dredging of rivers, lakes, canals, drainage ditches (minimum width 3m), natural and industrial reservoirs – using the silting method

Unparalleled efficiency

Too many dredging operations are still being carried out using excavators – dangerously and ineffectively. This is to be expected as they are neither built nor certified for operation in water.

Our innovative Watermaster machine is a multi-purpose amphibious dredger designed and built with shallow water in mind.

Its unique combination of an excavator and a suction dredger, certified and proven in terms of safety and cost-effectiveness, is ideal for all dredging at a maximum depth of 6m.

Thanks to the very efficient dredging pump (500m3/h), the extracted material can be pumped over a distance of up to 1.5 km, and with the use of a pumping station even as far as 3.5 km.

100+ km
We have dredged more than 100 km of rivers
Dredging in cities

We have unique solutions that provide excellent stability without blocking water traffic.

Maintaining the navigability of
urban reservoirs

The unique system of cutters installed in the pump allows continuous and efficient work without unnecessary downtime.

In urban areas, the lack of room for disposal and storage is a limiting factor. When there is no room on land, we use a technique consisting in pumping of the extracted material into geotextile tubes. Dehydration of sediment is much faster and requires less space.


Watermaster is able to reach places inaccessible to ordinary machines such as excavators or cranes.

Versatility and multi-functionality

Thanks to the detachable tools mounted on the arm of our machine, such as the 600L bucket and the rake, we are able to remove reeds and other aquatic vegetation, as well as river obstructions (fallen trees, branches), which would otherwise increase the risk of flooding.

We are able to reach places inaccessible from land.

50 ha
We have removed more than 50 hectares of reeds and aquatic vegetation
Reinforcement of banks

The detachable working tools of the Watermaster enable a wide range of activities to be performed, associated with the reinforcement of banks and the building of structures:

  • reinforcing of river banks using the material extracted from the bottom
  • moving and laying of gabions
  • building palisades and platforms
  • driving timber piles
  • driving Larssen sheet piles
  • driving vinyl sheet piles



We filter hydrated sediment in spatially-confined areas using flexible tanks with high tensile strength

Reliability under all conditions

Geotextiles ensure tightness and prevent rehydration of the material held inside.

Materials held in a geotube undergo consolidation, thanks to which any spreading of sediment is prevented, as they can be temporarily stored outside and properly disposed of.

Benefits that flexible tanks offer to the natural environment are significant. In the hydrotechnical industry, geotubes prove to be the most efficient in urban areas or places where there is a significant lack of space for collecting pumped out material.


We have worked for the largest Polish companies